Wedding dresses reimagined


Receiving critical acclaim from bridal press and retailers alike, we are proud to introduce to the trendy brides of the UAE - Anny Lin bridal collection, only at Vanila wedding boutique in Dubai.

Anny Lin is a second-generation designer who launched her brand quite rapidly. With her sense of style and version of perfection she established herself as an exciting avant-garde designer.  

With a little bit of nostalgia, charm and luxury, she emphasizes attention to the finest details that reflect a very unique and at the same time modern style. Elegant and perfectly expressed, these fairytale bridal gowns promise a new destination of a timeless staple.

wedding dress dubai anny lin bridal

Inspired by the tradition, her wedding dress collection combines both modern and classic designs, but not the classics that we all know and have been seeing for many decades now.

Fashion critics could not miss but support Anny Lin’s bridal collection with appraisals like ‘breath of fresh air on the bridal market’. And it is very true; if you look at how she manages to combine different lace patterns with tulle and sparkles, you will say ‘I’ve never seen anything like this before’.

Her designs are mainly focused on very light, soft and gentle fabrics, flowy elements, a little bit of shine, a little bit of pearls, a little bit of lace, it is all combined together but doesn’t really give a feeling of exaggeration of either of the materials.

mermaid wedding dress dubai