Beach wedding dresses in Dubai

Bridal fashion does not only cover the classic ballroom or castle style weddings, nowadays it is very normal to have a small two-person wedding on the beach, or even a beach wedding ceremony, especially if you are located and planning your wedding celebration in Dubai. Dubai is a perfect choice as a beach wedding destination. There are more than 90 five-star hotels in the city majority of which are placed along the beach shore and have an opportunity to provide the beach wedding ceremony procedure. We as a bridal showroom are dedicated to providing the best selection of beach wedding dresses in Dubai in order for you to find the wedding dress of your dreams.

Pick the perfect beach wedding gown

Beach-style wedding dresses are meant to be comfortable, flowy, airy and light. From the first perspective, one thinks that beach wedding dresses are meant to be cheaper or plainer versions of the ballgowns or other bridal dress selections, but it is one of the bridal myths that we will explain in detail. Creating beach wedding dresses is often even more complicated than classic ones due to the simplicity that needs to be presented in the fabric and fit. Light materials do not allow any flaws in stitching and especially the fitting; therefore, the fabrics are more expensive in order to look perfect on any body type. Cheap fabrics will not allow good fit or flow of the skirts or even durability of the color within a specific time. Therefore, simple, and good quality can never be cheaper and beach wedding dresses are one of the categories when simplicity is needed and yet is complicated and sophisticated in creation.

Most of the beach wedding dresses in Dubai are created of chiffon, georgette, light tulle and sometimes also of Cremona which is also called crepe. Chiffon skirts are easily combined by different bridal designers with lace decorated tops with spaghetti straps or simple sweetheart necklines revealing the beautiful shoulders of every bride-to-be. You will rarely find satin or royal mikado fabrics in the beach wedding dress collections. Another noticeable beach dress element is the front skirt slit. Beach style wedding dress would definitely mean warm weather, bare feet on the sandy beaches and therefore an opportunity for a bride-to-be to show off her beautiful legs. One more option for the beach wedding dress in Dubai is a short skirt with a light one-layer chiffon or tulle overskirt, definitely open back and open shoulders. Something one should consider for her big day on the beach.

We at Vanila Wedding Boutique are dedicated to gathering a beautiful selection of beach wedding dresses in Dubai from different designers of different price ranges to every ladies’ taste. Feel free to book your appointment in our bridal store to try them on and enjoy the exquisite fabrics and our bridal consultation service.