Extra bridal services


We at Vanila Wedding Boutique in Dubai are not only offering trials of our beautiful wedding dresses to you, but also offer some great experience and extra services that you did not even know of before you got proposed to, such as bridal dress dry cleaning, wedding dress alterations and many more.

Well, we are here to help you out and make sure the whole bridal experience is smooth and pleasant.

Our bridal services:

1. Virtual appointments: in the times of Covid-19, we have introduced special virtual appointments which are now a common thing even for everyday life for brides outside UAE or those who cannot travel. You can preselect your dream wedding dress and then the stylist will organize a virtual meeting with you and create your bridal look together. Click here to learn more information about virtual appointments in our bridal showroom.

2. VIB (Very Important Bride) fittings: For brides, friends and families who would want to have special experience we have different packages for dress trials from booking a fitting room only for your group for full 3 hours to the full boutique at your disposal with some great perks like tea, coffee, polaroid photoshoot and lots of fun.

3. Alterations and adjustments: Each wedding dress needs at least a little bit adjustment here and there, as the dresses are not custom-made. Here is more information on the alteration services we provide. Here you can learn more about alterations in our bridal boutique.

4. After-wedding services:

A. Dress restoration: Fixing and adjustments of the dresses after your wedding is also a common thing. No gown will survive dancing, partying and be in perfect condition after, we know that more than anyone else!

B. Dry cleaning: Dresses after wedding must be dry cleaned as soon as possible. No matter what your plans for the dress are, we strongly suggest arranging dry cleaning for your fairy tale dress in order to be able to re-wear it, re-sell it, store it and much more.

C. Preservation: Apart from restoring and cleaning your dress, you can also preserve your dream wedding dress in Dubai and have it properly packed and stored. Click here to learn more.

D. After wedding redesign: For those brides who would love to give the dress a second life, we also suggest making some tiny redesign with our alteration team and be happy to wear it again at other beautiful events in your life.

If you wish to learn a bit more about each of the services we provide, please do not hesitate to whatsapp us or call via our contact details. Do not forget that we work only by appointments, so please book in advance to get the best experience in your life!

Vanila Team