Virtual appointments


With the new era of travel restriction, we had to adapt our services and even start organizing virtual appointments online, virtually with our beautiful Brides-to-be.


How does it work and what do you need to know in advance.

1. You need to browse our website and make a selection of 2-3 dresses that you like the most. Each dress has a # with the price range underneath for your convenience. All currently available collections can be checked here in advance.

2. Let the stylist know your budget and which are your dress preferences before the zoom-appointment, if you have doubts about some fabrics or designs, you can always ask for extra photos or videos of specific dresses in advance via our WhatsApp - +971 50 7858383.

3. After the selection we prepare ONE dress for you on the mannequin that we will be discussing and showing with more details together with different veil options for your full bridal look.

4. You need to have a measuring tape, because we need to understand your size as per the bridal scheme standards, since the mass brand sizes (SX, S, L..) differ from bridal collections.

5. You need someone to help taking these measurements with our virtual support.

6. Alteration as per your size can also be done virtually with our tailor, but we strongly suggest to look for a tailor in your neighborhood area, since we cannot do the length alteration as you are not physically present at the meeting with your final shoe heel and it is very high risk.

7. You need good internet connection.

8. Our team members are all females including the tailor so there is no need to worry about being covered.

9. Delivery price will depend on the weight and size of the dress, shipping provider, speed of delivery and destination. This is evaluated separately after the dress is finalized.

10. All payments are done though on-line link secured platform provided by our partners. All payment methods and options are also available here.

If you have any more questions, we are ready to help you out via or +971507858383.



Vanila Team