Preserve your Dream


Preserve your dream

Everyone is extremely worried and nervous about finding the right wedding dress, the wow bridal gown for your big day. There is a lot of information and material on what wedding styles suit which body type, what shades are in trend, which fabrics are used by different designers, explanations why Mikado is more expensive than satin and so on. But rarely does a bride think about what she is going to do with her dream dress after the wedding day or what her wedding dress is going to look like after the party. There are many amazing ideas about what can be done with your wedding dress in Dubai after your celebration and we provide solutions to a few of them.

The wedding itself is a live event, you do photo and video shoots, you dance, there is sand, garden or even water, you move and in the majority of the celebrations something does happen to the gown, it is just inevitable: The bottom of the dress gets dusty and dirty from walking outside, someone stepped on the train during the dance and tore it a bit, an accidental drop of glass with drink onto a white skirt, the zipper got stuck or ripped and many more things that can happen to your dream dress. We at Vanila Wedding Boutique in Dubai have thought it through and we are ready to offer you a great post-wedding service of restoration and preservation of your wedding dress.

There are a few packages at your service which will include restoration, dry cleaning and preservation in a different order. You do not need to choose a service if it is not needed in your case. Do you need preservation at all or only dry cleaning and restoration? Or do you need only the wedding dress dry cleaning option? It is up to your to decide.

wedding dress restoration

Our lovely staff is ready to consult you on these service options and see the condition of your bridal dress after your wedding, as unfortunately, some magic things might not be performed on your dress due to its textile nature.

There are also two types of wedding dress preservation:

1. hanging preservation, when the dress is kept in the muslin cloth in a plain dress cover and can be folded in a way you need it or

2. boxing preservation, which means you will have your dream dress packed in a box, for which you will need some space in your home closet (depending on the volume of the dress). This type of preservation is perfect if you do not need to showcase the dress once in a while but just to make sure it stays perfect for years.

We from our side suggest having your dry cleaning planned after the wedding day for sure and one of the types of preservations since you will need to keep the dress for a while at least in one of the ways mentioned above. Restoration service can be performed by our team of seamstresses if necessary.

The price of the service is starting from 750 AED till 2500 AED depending on the package chosen and we reserve up to 1 month for the service to be provided.

For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of bridal stylists via these contact details.

(T&C – please note that some of the dress conditions cannot be restored by dry cleaning due to the nature of stains or coloring)


Vanila Team