5 tips: What to do with your dress


These are five main ideas what to do with your dress after the Big day. Some services are performed also at our bridal shop in Dubai, some will need your own research. 

Dry cleaning. First of all, you will definitely need to bring your wedding dress to dry cleaning services no matter what style of wedding it was. No matter what your next steps about your dream dress will be, dry cleaning is a must on all occasions. Coming from our more than a decade experience, the condition of the dresses after the wedding celebrations is sometimes surprising. So, we strongly recommend keeping that in mind and not to wait long after your wedding day for this service. Some stains of natural origin can get deep into the fabrics with time that it will be even harder to remove.

Wedding dress preservation. Once you dry clean your dream wedding dress, you have an option to preserve it, to make sure it doesn’t loose its color and form once packed in your wardrobe for some time. We at Vanila wedding boutique in Dubai offer two options of professional wedding dress preservation together with the Association of wedding gown specialist of Museum Care. These two types are: boxing or hanging preservation. You can ready more information about each type in details in the article here.

Shortening/redesign for further use. It is a great new life for your wedding gown to have it shortened or slightly redesigned and re-used at any other occasions. We are not talking only about shortening but slight re-design can revive your dress forever. Princess Beatrice of UK is a great example how the same wedding dress model can be redesigned and have a second life almost 50 year later. Our bridal showroom can offer this service, since it is what we specialize in with our great team of professional tailors.

Sell as pre-loved dress. This is also an option for your wedding dress, since not so many girls can afford branded and designer wedding gowns for full price, some are ready to have it for lesser amount but also have the best day of their lives wearing something. For pre-loved portals and websites, please check the google search options, as we at our bridal boutique do not resell any wedding dresses.

Charity. It is always an option after the point #1 – dry cleaning. This is a great feeling to give something so precious for you away for a good cause. One should practice such actions once in a lifetime and giving away your wedding dress might be one of those cases.  

These are just a few main points of what one can do with the wedding dress in Dubai after your wedding day. If you got more ideas, don’t hesitate to email them to us via info@vanilastudio.ae