What to expect on your first wedding dress trial?


Before you start wedding dress shopping in Dubai

We strongly suggest checking all the information stated on the website of the bridal showroom that you are planning to visit. Majority of bridal stores require to have an appointment booked, therefore make sure you have an appointment arranged.

In Vanila Wedding boutique we observe our bridal catalogue daily, so all dresses presented on the website are available in store. Browse through our bridal collection, see if there is something you like, shortlist it, check if the price range is acceptable for your budget planning and only then book your appointment.

What to wear for your wedding dress shopping

You’ll most likely be trying on a good number of bridal styles, so we suggest to wear something comfortable to your appointments. 

If you are looking into more mermaid style wedding dresses, consider wearing proper undergarments which will eliminate the panty lines and will give a completely different look to a gown. If you plan to have an open top dress, then you might have the strapless bra with you to see how nicely it looks. On the other hand, majority of the dresses we offer in our bridal boutique in Dubai, have corset tops where bras are not needed while trials.

If you already have your wedding shoes, bring them along as well, you will see how perfectly they compliment your future wedding-dress-to-be.


First time with us

Once you arrive in our bridal showroom in Dubai, you will be greeted by either one of our stylists or our amazing administrator. One of the stylists will be dedicated to you for 2 hours of your first trials. Main goal of our Vanila team members is to find your dream wedding dress together with you.

Firstly, she will be asking you a number of questions which will help us narrow down the selection of the preferred styles. For example, the stylist could ask you if your wedding would be indoor or outdoor, if there is going to be 200 people at the wedding or only 20? If there are any specific dress details, you are fond of or on the contrary will not be happy to see on your wedding dress. All these questions are there to make sure that your stylist understands what you are looking for since she knows the types of dresses, designers, fabrics, fittings of different designers and existing stock better, she could offer something based on her experience.

Together with you she will narrow down the selection to at least 5 dresses (coming from our experience we strongly recommend trying not more than 7 dresses as you will get confused instead of finding ‘The One’) After this selection process you will start trying these dresses on one by one. The main thing the stylist needs to know is your honest feedback on every single dress, how you feel in this and that model: ‘I like the beadwork here’, ‘I like the lace pattern here’, ‘I do not like the length of this train’, etc. These comments will not offend anyone but, on the contrary, will help eliminate the unwanted details and add the needed ones to make sure we narrow down our selection to a minimum to finally find the dress. Bridal accessories like petticoats and veils, sashes and others are usually tried together with the dress to see different styles and options.


Majority of bridal dress samples come in one average size, therefore it might be either big or very big or small and very small for you, it is also a normal practice, so you shouldn’t be worried that the stylist uses special clips or straps to hold the dress properly. Based on your measurements your dress can be ordered closest to your size as per the designer’s measuring scale and every dress will have to be altered anyway. If you do not have time to order a new piece (which is usually around 4-6 months), your stylist will advise how exactly this dress will be adjusted on you to fit your side. About wedding dress alteration and restoration services, you can read an article here.

It might happen that you will fall in love with the dress of your dreams on your first fitting (which is a completely normal thing, since it is our job) or you might even fall in love with 2 where you will need to decide. You shouldn’t worry, your stylist will write down all the details of your visit and shall expect you soon for the next trials to finalize your look.  

You can ask you stylist anything during and ever after the fitting and she will be happy to assist you. If there is still something not clear on what to expect on your first wedding dress trials, then we are here to help you, whatsapp us via this number.



Vanila Team