Mona Kattan’s Wedding Fragrance Launch


Mona Kattan’s team approached our marketing department at Vanila Wedding Boutique in Dubai for help and asked if we could reinstate her wedding celebration concept for something special launching in June 2023. We were not aware of what exactly this launch would be, but we only knew that it would be launched on her official wedding date which is the 29th of June.

Mona asked to try on two different styles of wedding dresses: one was the mermaid style wedding dress, made of lace and definitely with off-shoulder detachable sleeves. Another one was also a mermaid cut with an off-shoulder neckline cut but made of simple Cremona fabric without any details and sent us the references for the dresses we had in store. One was of Cizzy Bridal Australia and another dress was a creation of Milla Nova which we represent in Dubai. Till the launch happened we were not sure which dress she decided to go for, so it was all a top secret until 29th of June, 2023.

Mona Kattan with her husband Hassan launched a wedding perfume collection by her own brand Kayali Fragrances, called simply ‘The Wedding’, for him and for her, velvet Chantal and silk Chantal accordingly.  It is a beautiful wedding scent, especially when mixed together, just like the bride and groom holding each other in their arms.

Here you can see and listen a bit more about the fragrance created.

You can see Mona wearing this beautiful lace gown by Cizzy Bridal Australia and her hair is covered with a Spanish-style veil.

We are happy to have supported Mona and the team Kayali in this campaign. The dress called after her – Mona – can be found in our store.

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