Curvy queens


Dedicated to our beautiful curvy brides.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Today, most people think being skinny is the trend, it is what makes a woman beautiful.  But we say true beauty is all about the attitude and confidence that one possesses.

Curvy women are known for being softer, smoother, and looking more feminine. Your curves may not stop the clock from ticking, but they'll definitely keep you looking young!

Plus-size models are in demand these days simply because most people, are above the standard sizes which are presented by the fashion industry at the cat walks. It becomes unrealistic to see thin women wearing clothing on catalogs, in magazines, on online stores, and in advertising. Instead, sometimes we like to see a woman who has a fuller figure, in keeping with the reality of how women look for the most part. 

As the name suggests, a curvy body type is the one that is characterized by curves. On the other hand, a curvy woman is one with an hourglass figure. We do not want to call these wedding dresses as plus-size wedding dresses but better curvy dress selection.

It is also especially important to understand that not all curvy brides are the same and therefore many wedding dress designers dedicate separate collections for our curvy queens.

For example, Pronovias Group offers a separate selection of plus-size wedding dresses, same as Casablanca Bridal, the wedding dress designer that we as a wedding boutique in Dubai represent exclusively. Please have a look at these beautiful wedding dress collections.

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