Bridal dress trends 2024


Bridal dress trends 2024

Looking back into the 80’s and 90’s wedding dress designs, you can find some little resemblance with the new 2020s trends that have been hitting the catwalks after COVID-19 pandemic. We at Vanila wedding boutique Dubai are observing all the news and carrying all these novelties. The triangle low-waist corsets just like Lady Di had on her wedding, stylish capes and removable sleeves that allow to have 2-in-1 wedding dress.

The two of the most obvious tendencies that we have noticed are the unusually structured tops or skirts of dresses made of royal mikado or satin, the fabric that allows such manipulations.


Structured satin styles

This is probably our favorite trend since 2022: Structured elements on cremona and satin wedding dresses. The simplicity of the fabric allows bridal designers to give it a little twist here and there with the style by adding some asymmetrical geometrical forms and therefore making the creation unique. Giovanna Alessandro wedding dresses are quite famous for these infusions of elements.

 satin ballgown wedding dress

Bridal overskirts

Yes, yes! Overskirts are still in high demand and respect by bridal designers worldwide. But this time wedding dress designers are becoming even more creative by finding new ways how to style them and keep them in shape: regalin rings, firm fabrics, strong belt style sashes.


Low corsets

The trend coming back from the good old 80’s. Something not for every bride-to-be but still has a strong come-back. These type of bridal corsets suit quite tall or long legged ladies as for the others they will elongate the bodice by shortening the legs, therefore will not compliment the figure. Be very careful and smart when trying on such styles.


Removable bridal accessories

Something of our favorites! Because these wedding dress details can SO (!) change the whole bridal look that you might not even recognize the original dress sometimes. Satin and lace capes, shiny and satin sleeves, one-shoulder of full neck and accessories, chocker-style elements and many more. Our bridal showroom in Dubai has all possible accessories to complement and style your dream wedding dress.


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