Simply Milla Collection


Having your wedding in Dubai might sound a bit complicated, given all the aspects you have to think of, but the main worry should be ticked as done on the list and that is your wedding dress, which we are sure of, you will find at our wedding boutique in Dubai.

The unique collections you will find at Vanila Wedding Boutique Dubai will definitely give you the confidence and last touch of happiness you need to complete your dream day. Having an amazing collaboration with Milla Nova over the years, our bridal showroom is introducing the new collection - Simply Milla.

Simply Milla by Milla Nova 2020 collection features simple brides dress. The designer wedding gowns is nothing less than stunning.

If to describe wedding trends for 2020 in one sentence it will be: Everything new is actually well-forgotten old. 

Last year’s trends for the aisle were all inspired by the classicism and drama but for 2020 it’s all about new interpretations of those classics, fresh alternatives to ivory and as always inspirations from decades that past. 

The collection is made to be suitable for any type of venue and personality whether you are an incurable romantic or a nonconformist. Here are some of the details you will find in the new collection Simply Milla:

* Big Bows - You can have your bow placed on the back of the waist or on the front. Detached bows can be a nice addition to your wedding look as well.

* Puffy Sleeves - The love to voluminous sleeves is so big that in 2020 it is set to walk down the aisle as you are in 1980

* Off-The-Shoulder Silhouettes - This classic bridal look remains a staple in 2020 with some updates like lined tulle, luxe edgings, and noble beadwork.

Now all you need is to find out which one is yours.

Vanila Wedding Boutique is the bridal shop in Dubai which is making the dreams come true simply by making a mission on giving the bride the best experience on finding their perfect wedding dress.