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The world’s largest bridal brand, Pronovias, was celebrating its 50th anniversary last year – and to mark the occasion, the Barcelona-based label created a traveling retrospective of its designs. Fifty Love Stories - an exhibit that started in the Catalonia capital and then moved on to New York, Pronovias in Dubai and Milan - not only traces the history of Pronovias, but also of wedding wear as a whole.

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From princess gowns to cocktail dresses, visitors can see how the practice of ready-to-wear wedding dresses has evolved over time – along with the vision of an ideal bride. Pronovias's 50-year retrospective traces the evolution of bridal wear from the Sixties to modern day. The family-owned brand, which was founded in 1964 and is currently run by patriarch Alberto Palatchi, began to use embellishments, lace and more complicated silhouettes in the Seventies. By the Eighties, Pronovias’s techniques had clearly evolved - with styles that are indicative of the decade’s preference for a more-is-more aesthetic.

The Nineties brought the rise of the Julia Roberts-type bride – natural, feminine, and ethereal, like the many lace gowns sported by her character in Runaway Bride.
The exhibit’s other half portrays the best of Pronovias’s custom atelier services. There are even two gowns that were produced in homage to the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Pronovias's modern day looks are defined by clean lines, sumptuous fabrics, and streamlined silhouettes with personal details.


Pronovias Dubai providePronovias offers bridal gowns; bridal accessories, such as veils, headpieces, shoes, lingerie, and other accessories; ceremony, bridesmaid, and cocktail party dresses; and party accessories, including bags and shoes. It offers its products through its network of stores, as well as through franchise stores, sales points, and sales and commercial agents in the United States, Latin America, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Benelux, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, as well as Pronovias in Dubai, Asia, Australia, and the Oceania. The company is based in El Prat de Llobregat, Spain.

Nowadays, the Pronovias Fashion Group dresses brides in more than 105 countries, also Pronovias Dubai, making it the international leader in the sector. The family that founded the company still manages its operations and expansion process, transmitting the quality and design philosophy that characterizes its work. This concept spreads throughout its 164 stores and franchises and its 4.000 sales points one of them Pronovias Dubai.
To make all of this possible, the group has an international team of more than 800 employees of more than 40 different nationalities.

One of the Group's key strategies has always been the vertical integration of its activities. This characteristic has enabled it to guarantee the design and quality of its products and to constantly stay in contact with the market through its chain of stores, located all over the world.

Dresses from Pronovias Dubai

Vanila Boutique represents one of the brands of Pronovias group - San Patrick. San Patrick is a great european wedding dress brand that has been on the world arena for many decades now showing to the world all the updating classics of the wedding designs and we are proud to be offering these models by San Patrick to our dearest brides in Dubai.