Playful MARCH


Choose your discount destiny!

We want your visit at Vanila to be pleasant and fun. Together with our amazing stylist team we have come up with some fun to celebrate your perfect choice at our boutique.

Once you say ‘YES’ to your dream wedding dress at Vanila Wedding Boutique in Dubai, throw the dice three times and get the discount equal to the highest number you get out of all three tries.

Enjoy and benefit from fun at our boutique!


T&C apply:

  1. Promotion is valid till the 31st of March, 2019.
  2. The dice are thrown 3 times at the reception in front of the manager, the highest sum is considered to be the discount amount to be reflected on the invoice.
  3. Maximum discount possible - 12%, minimum - 2% is given on the full invoice amount.
  4. The discount cannot be availed in any other day except for the purchase day.


With love,

Vanila team