Jesus Peiro 2020


A magical moment has come!

You open your laptop, your heart beats more often and you write in a search engine - a bridal showroom Dubai. Well, we are very glad that you have stopped on the page of our wedding shop in Dubai.  Welcome to Vanila!

Dear brides! Today we are happy to tell you about the diamond in our collection of wedding dresses in Dubai - The JESUS PEIRO collections 2020.

Let us show you what is the team of JP famous wedding designers, headed by legendary Merche Segarra prepared for you in this season.

Musee d'Orsay, home to one of the largest impressionist collections in the world - inspired her to create the new collection. There Merche Segarra discovered the Calla Lily - a flower closely associated with the impressionist movement. Calla - a delicate, sophisticated flower, a symbol of simplicity and elegance!

Merche Segarra takes the calla lily form as a basis and transfers it to the images of the new collection, which is directly reflected in the styles, colors and details.

Triumph of style and elegance

Stylish wedding dresses made of noble silk satin, mikado or crepe with long sleeves and an open corset, unusual tight lines and accessories, all this splendor and variety is presented in the new collection of the brand.


Boiling white color

The credo of the designer is that at the time of the celebration, true light should come only from the queen of the event - the bride. And all the secret tricks with the colors from Jesus Peiro are designed to create the perfect day and perfect look for your Dubai wedding.


Cutting experiments

The designer is experimenting with the cut, bringing to the stage pantsuits that have already managed to conquer the world of fashionable weddings in Dubai!

Very popular two-piece designs: jackets and skirts, trousers and bodysuits, detachable trains, that are easily combined with each other, which allows the bride to create several unforgettable weddings looks and emphasize her own style.


Bouffant skirts

The resurgence of Victorian styles. Jesus Peiro designers brought the bouffant gown back into style.

Made by satin and silk skirts reminds about wedding dress of Lady Diana Spencer.

Perfect style for a bride who dreaming about royal wedding in Dubai or any other locations.


Tweed coats and capes

Thinking of wearing a cape or coat on your winter or indoor wedding in Dubai? Pay attention to the collection of Jesus Peiro.

JP not offering brides extravagant and dramatic capes/coats.  Minimalism and lightness of sheer silk, tulle and satin options are on offer both in full-length silhouettes and cropped capelets.

A simple style also ensures that the cape won't compete with your dress.


Huge bows

JP designers incorporated this flirty trend in so many interesting ways. Whether on the neck, shoulder, or small of the back, a statement bow is an oh-so-romantic touch that will take your wedding dress to the next level.


Gemstone trim

Embroidered wedding dresses looked luxurious and magnificent.

The light that comes from the stones reminds us of the dew drops on the delicate petals of Calla glistening in the sun and ranges from a soft glow to a dazzling brilliance. It will give your originality alongside and will not let anyone outshine you.

The collection of Jesus Peiro wedding dresses is based on the perfection of lines, the harmony of silhouettes with fabrics, elegant and sophisticated style, as well as the highest quality of workmanship, for which clients around the world love the Jesus Peiro bridal fashion house.

Bridal gowns from Jesus Peiro can be bought in the best bridal showrooms around the world, partially collection is presented in our wedding shop in Dubai.

A Jesús Peiró collection of wedding dresses in Dubai will not leave anyone indifferent!

Create your bridal image you've always dreamed about!