Bridal accessories


Cascading offer on bridal accessories


Got your wedding dress already, but looking for a deal on bridal accessories in Dubai, here is a great offer for you from us at Vanila Wedding Boutique!

The more accessories you get, the higher the discount.

With every accessory choice, you get from 25% to a 100% discount. 

The more expensive the item, the least the discount: 25-50-75-100%.



Tiara - 2000 - 25%

Veil - 1500 -50% 

Earrings - 550 -75%

Petticoat - 350 – 100%, get as a gift!



  1. Offer limited in time: valid till the 31st of October, 2020.
  2. All accessories items available in the boutique except for MISK CONCEPT.
  3. All items must be in the same invoice paid in the same day.
  4. Offer is for bridal accessories only.
  5. Offer is not valid for items already on promotion.
  6. The most expensive item chosen gets the lowest discount ratio. 


Enjoy the offer as much we do!

We want to see more Vanila Brides all over the world!



Vanila Team